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This is the homepage for AScopy. A site maintenance utility completely written in Bash.

The main reason to write this in Bash is that it is a very portable environment. AScopy runs in any environment where the following applications are available:

  • bash
  • ssh
  • sftp
  • cat
  • find
  • md5sum
  • mktmp
  • rm
  • rmdir
  • touch

Since these are available in almost any decent shell environment using installing and using AScopy should be as easy as putting the AScopy script somewhere in your PATH. Please see the installation instructions for more details.

Of course there is also a disadvantage using an application written in Bash: it is slow. Not terribly slow, in fact you will find its speed quite adequate, but nonetheless is it slower than for example sitecopy.


2006-12-03 - Release of version 1.0.0

Version 1.0.0 has arrived. This is the first (feature) stable version. There are two major additions to this version:

  1. The XML documentation has been dropped. The only documentation available is the manpage. If other formats are needed then there several converters available. The documentation on this website has for example been made from the manpage with Man2HTML.
  2. AScopy now recognizes when a file has been moved or copied and it will not try to transfer that file over the network but just copy or move the file locally. A move will show up on AScopy's output as a copy and a delete.

It is now also possible to get in contact using forums. The links can be found here.

2006-09-11 - Fixed documentation on the website

The documentation for the usage of AScopy on this website was not in sync with the documentation that comes with the AScopy distribution package. This has been fixed now.
The commands for getting AScopy from its Subversion repository were also wrong. The proper commands are now shown.

2006-09-06 - Release of version 0.9.3

This release adds the possibility to exclude files or directories from updating. Please refer to the documentation for more information. It can be downloaded here.

2006-08-26 - Release of version 0.9.2

This is a bug fix release. The previous version (0.9.1) would not handle the removal of remote and local directories in the correct order. It can be downloaded here.

2006-06-16 - First release

First production ready release of AScopy. Version 0.9.1. It can be downloaded here. There has been an earlier version (0.9.0) but that should NOT be used.